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Opening hours: 21 August

News Spring/Summer

On 20 August our shops are closed but do not worry because the Szputnyik webshops works perfectly!

Take a look behind the scenes with Böbe, how adventurous way the packages go through and check how simple and safe to order from us.

If you want to browse the webshop, check our Online Exclusive selection!

From 21 August we are open smoothly!

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Funzine Press Sziget Festival Spring/Summer

Augusztusban már mindenki a Sziget fesztivál gondolatán pörgött, hogy mit fog felvenni, hogy mik lesznek a legjobb koncertek, milyen programokon akar mindenképp részt venni.

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Back to School!

Back to School!

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

Not only the school has started and a lot of us went back to the benches but also the autumn is here to rethink your wardrobe.

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Az őszi alapdarabok már megérkeztek!

The autumn basics are in shops now!

Fashion Fall/Winter Style Tips New Arrivals

These awesome culottes cannot be missed from your autumn wardrobe!

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