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This was 2019 with you!

Fashion Projects Fall/Winter Vintage

We have just finished a very active year that you, our loved costumers made incredible. We have collected the best moments of 2019.


We started the year with a cool sale to get your wardrobe fresh and up-to-date on low prices!


In February our brand new online collection has appeared: this is Online Exclusive. You can find many unique pieces like a limited Frida Kahlo selection that is only available on our webshop.


Spring was about the refreshing. Our loved brands was expanded with the newest collection of the ethical Dr. Martens. Many new styles have appeared, not only boots but also sandals too!


The spring collections have moved to the stores in April, just as the super limited movie collection full of classic pieces that cannot be missed from any movie geek's wardrobe!


In May we could welcome the new collection of the ethical PAEZ to give new energy and color to the year.


June was an important month to many, this was the month of Pride. It's a very important topic to the crew of Szputnyik so we covered our shops with rainbows to show the world the importance of equality and acceptance. 


July was about the sustainability because of the Plastic Free July. We created a little guide to you how to dodge the usage of unnecessary plastics and how can you replace them with eco-friendly alternatives.


August was the month of festival season. We also prepared to this times a lot with the best band T-shirts that guarantee the party in front of the Mainstage!


We cannot skip the topic of conscious life in September. The Autumn started with the #SecondHandSeptember where we wanted to draw attention to the waste of fashion industry and give you and alternative to choose used, vintage products instead of them.


In October a local artist has moved to our stores, Smörgas Clothing who promotes the upcycled and recycled fashion that we real appreciate.


In every November the craziness of Black Friday has come, also this year. But instead of it, we started the Green Friday and created you a guide how to stay conscious also during the sales.


In December we introduced you a totally new brand, the ethical Many Mornings socks.

Thank you for supporting us during the whole year, meet you in 2020!

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