Szputnyik pop-up store @ Fogasház

Szputnyik pop-up store @ Fogasház

pop up store

As a part of Design Week 2012 Szputnyik shop has organised a photo exhibition titled Timeless. At the same time they opened a pop-up store at the same venue, Fogasház that has always been a place for open art enthusiasts.

Pop Up store Fogasház

The pop-up store's speciality is that they present their fall/winter colection for the first time there.

fogasház pop up

The store is ad hoc, it was created using the buliding equippment from the currently renovated Fogasház.

fogashaz pop up store

2012. September 29 - October 17.
Budapest, Fogasház, VII. Akácfa u. 51.
Tuesday - Friday: 19.30 - 24.00
Saturday: 17.00 - 01.00

More photos on Facebookon.


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