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WINTER SALE 2.0 | Folytatódik a leárazás | akár -50%

WINTER SALE 2.0 | Discounting continues up to -50%

Sale Fashion Fenntartható Divat Fall/Winter

We need to make room for the new collection, so we have further reduced the prices of many popular products! If you are about to upgrade your wardrobe or are just planning to ..., be sure to check us out! Now you can get the essentials at a discount!

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Best of WINTER SALE - Szerezd be most kedvezménnyel kedvenc szettjeidet!

Best of WINTER SALE - Get your favorite sets now with a discount!

Sale Fashion Fenntartható Divat Fall/Winter Vintage

We have previously shown you our winter discount, where you can get all products now with a 20, 30 or even 50% discount! WINTER SALE provides a great opportunity to renew your wardrobe in the spirit of New Year's refreshment. Get into 2021 with us to have a guaranteed successful year!

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Winter SALE | Ezeket a darabokat szerezheted be 20% kedvezménnyel | Mutatjuk!

Winter SALE | You can get these pieces at a 20% discount | We will show you!

Sale Fashion Fenntartható Divat Fall/Winter Style Tips

Our usual winter sale, the Winter Sale, started on January 15, where you can get the favorites of the season cheaper or just plan your spring-summer wardrobes in advance.

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Winter Sale - A KIÁRUSÍTÁS január 15-től elkezdődött!

Winter Sale - SALE has started!

Sale Events Fenntartható Divat Fall/Winter Szputnyik shop D20 Vintage

Upgrade your wardrobe now with up to 50% off *! Discover unique pieces from our collections and choose from the sets that best suit you, or try a new style in the new year! In addition to casual casual wear, you will find elegant, sporty and bohemian garments that will always make you look captivating!

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Téli kabátvásár | -20% minden kabátra

Winter coat SALE | -20% on all coats

Sale Fashion Fenntartható Divat Kabát Fall/Winter

For colder days, choose from our fashionable and warm jackets, in our offer everyone can find the piece that best suits their style! 

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Indul a Black Friday - RELOADED hétvége! Ismét 20-30% kedvezmény több ezer termékre! ♥

Black Friday - RELOADED weekend kicks off! 30% discount on thousands of products! ♥

Sale Black Friday Events Fenntartható Divat Fall/Winter


Get ready for the blackest weekend of the year and get the holiday preparation supplies in our store or online with a 30% discount! 

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Jön a Black Friday! 20-30% minden termékre!

Black Friday is coming! 20-30% on all products!

Sale Black Friday Events Fenntartható Divat Christmas Fall/Winter Szputnyik shop D20 Vintage


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Monster Sale - ÚJRATÖLTVE | -30% csak 1 napig!

Monster Sale - RECHARGED -30% for 1 day only!

Sale Fashion Fenntartható Divat Halloween Fall/Winter Style Tips

You can reach thousands of products for only one day at an insane price, with a 30% discount, as the discount is valid for the entire stock of the webshop.

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Halloween igazi színe: fekete!

The true color of Halloween: Black!

Sale Fashion Fenntartható Divat Halloween Fall/Winter Style Tips

In Hungary, in the last few years, we can observe the real spread of the American holiday, Halloween. More and more schoolchildren are adopting this habit and the masquerade, which enlivens the carnival atmosphere, has also become very popular among adults.

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-30%-os Monster SALE | Őszi készletkisöprés

-30% Monster SALE | Autumn stock sweep

Sale Fashion Events Fenntartható Divat Halloween Fall/Winter

Grab your broom and buy it with a 30% discount in our shop or webshop on Dohány Street, where we also deliver your order to your home free of charge in Hungary over HUF 20,000!

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