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Itt a nagy karácsonyi csúnyapulcsi horoszkóp!

The big Christmas Ugly Sweater Horoscope!

Sale Ugly Sweater Fashion Christmas Fall/Winter Style Tips Vintage

We break the traditions and now we introduce you a new way to find your perfect Christmas ugly sweater!

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Így legyél tudatos vásárló a Green Friday alatt is!

Eco Friendly Shopping Tips for Green Friday

Sale Black Friday Fashion Events Christmas Fall/Winter

On Friday the craziness starts with the Black Friday but this year, you should stay environmentally conscious. Here we come with a little teaser what you can get with 20% discount now.

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KÉSZLETKISÖPRÉS: 20% kedvezmény Toms és Paez cipőinkre!

SALE: % discount to all the TOMS and Paez alpargatas!

Sale Shoes Fashion Fall/Winter Paez Shoes Toms Shoes

Maybe the most difficult thing is to dress up for the changing weather. The cool mornings and the sunny afternoons can cause a little headache when it comes to your wardrobe: what kind of shoes should i wear today? Should I leave the lovely pastel colors behind after summer is gone?

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Ne hagyd ki Back to School AKCIÓNKAT!

Do not miss our Back to School SALE!

Sale Events

Order online between 1. September and 3. September and get your favorite products with 20 % discount!

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Top 5 tavaszi termék a Glamour-napok bevásárlólistádra!

Top 5 tavaszi termék a Glamour-napok bevásárlólistádra!

Sale Events Glamour Days Style Tips Spring/Summer

Április 11-én kezdetét veszi a tavasz egyik legjobban várt eseménye, a Glamour Days. Szédületes akciók és hatalmas kedvezmények várják a divat szerelmeseit, méghozzá a Szputnyik shopokban is!

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Újra tavasz! Újra GLAMOUR-napok!

Spring again! GLAMOUR-days again!

Sale Events Glamour Spring/Summer

We know that you really wait for to put aside your thick, winter clothes and just to concentrate to tha sunny spring. We also know that you do like to start the new season with new stuffs so this is the perfect occassion to get your favourites during the GLAMOUR-days.

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Winter Sale- Szerezd be a téli kedvenceidet FÉLÁRON!

Winter Sale- Get your winter favourites on HALF PRICE!

Sale News Fall/Winter Vintage

You cannot skip the refresh of your wardrobe this year so don't forget to use our discounts! Global brands, unique accessories and vintage treasures are on the menu with 50% discount!

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WINTER SALE: Téli kiárusítás 7 napon keresztül!

WINTER SALE: Discount through 7 days!

Sale Events Fall/Winter Vintage

The festive season is over, Christmas and the New Year's Eve' parties are over. Every new year starts with a renewal, so it's time to renew your wardrobe too, because now you can shop your favourite Szputnyik items with 20, 30, 50 percent off!

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Nagy karácsonyi csúnyapulcsi AKCIÓ!

The big Christmas ugly sweater SALE!

Sale Ugly Sweater News Christmas Fall/Winter Vintage

You should not end to the Christmas vibes so keep this amazing mood as long as you can with our super Christmas ugly sweaters that are on sale now!

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Black Weekend Ajándéktippek  - Készülj fel a karácsonyra!

Black Weekend Gift Guide: Prepare to Christmas!

Sale Black Friday Ugly Sweater Fashion Style Tips Vintage

The Black Friday has started also in Szputnyik shop but not only on Friday but from Thursday until Sunday when you can get every items with 20% discount online!

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