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Így legyél tudatos vásárló a Green Friday alatt is!

Eco Friendly Shopping Tips for Green Friday

Sale Black Friday Fashion Events Christmas Fall/Winter

On Friday the craziness starts with the Black Friday but this year, you should stay environmentally conscious. Here we come with a little teaser what you can get with 20% discount now.

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Tudatosan a Green Friday alatt is!

Be conscious during the Green Friday!

Black Friday Fashion Events Fall/Winter Vintage

During the Green Friday, we'd like to motivate everybody to choose ethical brands and recycled, vintage products for Christmas!

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Black Weekend Ajándéktippek  - Készülj fel a karácsonyra!

Black Weekend Gift Guide: Prepare to Christmas!

Sale Black Friday Ugly Sweater Fashion Style Tips Vintage

The Black Friday has started also in Szputnyik shop but not only on Friday but from Thursday until Sunday when you can get every items with 20% discount online!

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Black Weekend ajánló: legnépszerűbb Szputnyik termékek!

Black Weekend Guide: Our Bestsellers

Sale Black Friday Events Fall/Winter Vintage

This year you also get to buy your favorite items from Szputnyik shop with a 20% discount during our Black Weekend Sale between 22. and 25. of November. Let us show you a few items you might want to get your hands on during our online sale!

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Idén újra Black Weekend a webshopon! - 20% kedvezmény 4 napig!

Black Weekend Online Sale - 20% off for 4 Days!

Sale Black Friday Events Fall/Winter

Every year buying Christmas presents causes a huge problem and becomes a source of stress for all, but we're here to offer you a more comfortable and balanced solution!

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