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GLAMOUR Magazin - 2019 Október

GLAMOUR Magazine - 2019 October

Glamour Fall/Winter Press

Szputnyik has appeared in the Glamour magazine in October with many interesting products.

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Glamour Press Sziget Festival Spring/Summer

In July, made a selection of pieces for this year's compulsory festival. The list also includes one of our favorite accessories, the cat fishing bar, which is just experiencing a renaissance among the trends!

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Újra tavasz! Újra GLAMOUR-napok!

Spring again! GLAMOUR-days again!

Sale Events Glamour Spring/Summer

We know that you really wait for to put aside your thick, winter clothes and just to concentrate to tha sunny spring. We also know that you do like to start the new season with new stuffs so this is the perfect occassion to get your favourites during the GLAMOUR-days.

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Hamarosan újra GLAMOUR-NAPOK! 20%  kedvezmény a Szputnyikban!

SOON it's GLAMOUR-DAYS again - 20% off!

Sale Events Glamour Glamour Days Fall/Winter

The newest issue of GLAMOUR Magazine Hungary has hit the stands, and you can find the fall 2018 GLAMOUR-Coupon book attached.

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Újra GLAMOUR-napok! Kezdd a tavaszt a legtrendibb szettekben!

GLAMOUR-days are here again! Start your spring with a new wardrobe!

Sale Fashion Events Glamour Glamour Days Spring/Summer

Spring is here, so it's time to prepare yourself and your wardrobe! In order for you to be able to do so affordably and consciously we have joined the spring GLAMOUR-days sales event this year, too! Shop with a 20% discount at our store and online store! More than 310 brands have sales in 3000 stores all over Hungary between 12 and 15 April as part of GLAMOUR shopping celebration! 

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Őszi Must Have darabok akár 20% kedvezménnyel!

Autumn Must Haves with 20% off!

Fashion Glamour Glamour Days Fall/Winter Style Tips

Layered, colorful dressing that is a must during autumn, is a perfect opportunity for experimenting with different materials, shapes, patterns and styles. Here are our favorite looks and must-have pieces for the next season. You get to have them for 20% less during autumn Glamour-days in both of our stores and online!

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Újra Glamour-napok a Szputnyik shopban! - 20% kedvezmény!

Glamour-days at Szputnyik shop! - 20% discount!

Sale Events Glamour Glamour Days

Between 12. and 15. October (thursday, friday, saturday and sunday), come and shop for 20% less at Szputnyik stores and online on our webshop, with a Glamour coupon. 

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Glamour - 2017 október

Glamour - 2017 October

Fashion Glamour Glamour Days Press

Glamour Magazine has included our Nick Cave t-shirt in their october issue.

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Glamour Press

Bocskor Bíborka singer wore her white mesh top that she got at Szputnyik shop in the Wardrobe Diaries column of Glamour online.

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Szputnyikban is őszi Glamour-napok!

Fall Glamour Days at Szputnyik shop!

Events Glamour Glamour Days News

Be the most stylish in the new season! GLAMOUR will help you again to be able to get the newest wardrobe, beauty and everyday essentials


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