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Környezetbarát ajándék ötletek: Hazai tervezők

Eco-friendly gift guide: Local designers

Fashion ERTZ Fenntartható Divat Christmas Fall/Winter Smörgas Style Tips Szputnyik shop D20

We are placing more and more emphasis on Hungarian brands, who help the spirit of more sustainable fashion not only with their products, but also with their thoughts. Priority will be given to designers who recycle items destined for disposal and strive to produce as little waste as possible in their production processes.

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Övtáska dömping az átmeneti időszakban is!

Pouch Perfect!

Fashion ERTZ Fjallraven Fall/Winter Smörgas Style Tips New Arrivals

2017 marks the reappearance of the dreaded fanny packs. By 2018 it has arrived to Hungary as well, and now it's a must-have in an urban queen's closet. 

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Smörgas x Szputnyik közös kollekció!

Smörgas x Szputnyik collaboration!

Projects Fall/Winter Smörgas Style Tips New Arrivals Vintage

Support the recycled fashion and the local artist, visit D20 shop or our webshop for more Smörgas product!

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