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WeLoveBudapest: Budapesti használtruhakörkép - A veszkócsizmától a vintage kesztyűig

WeLoveBudapest: Thrift map of Budapest - From Western boots to vintage gloves

Press WeLoveBudapest has collected their favorite vintage and thrift stores of the city. Szputnyik shop opens the list. Read the whole article here:

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INSIDER - 2017 tavasz/nyár

INSIDER - 2017 Spring/Summer

Press Spring/Summer WeLoveBudapest

Insider, the print guide of We Love Budapest online magazine recommends Szputnyik shop to those foreigners visiting Hungary who like vintage treasures and unique new designs.

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We Love Budapest: A Föld napja Budapesten: 11 hely, ahol újrahasználható táskákat találsz

We Love Budapest: Eart's day in Budapest 11 places to find reusable bags

Press Bags WeLoveBudapest

Over two floors and at two separate stores, Szputnyik offers new and old pieces alike, as they combine vintage items and brand-new designs. The coolest clothes – such ascrop tops, rock-band shirts, festival outfits, and some provocative pieces – are all found here, and the same countercultural style applies to their bags as well.


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We Love Budapest: Retro Budapest Guide - 31 látnivaló időutazáshoz

Retro Budapest Guide: 31 attractions for traveling back in time

Press WeLoveBudapest

Over two floors, Szputnyik combines new and old pieces; romantic vintage clothes and provocative modern items. Unique printed tees and crop tops, rock-band shirts, badges, and even wigs await retro-styled fashionistas with the best festival outfits for the summer.


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Press Szputnyik shop K22 Stores WeLoveBudapest

Szputnyik is found on Király Street as well, so now we have another place to go when looking for high-waisted jeans or Woodstock-inspired sunglasses.

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WeLoveBudapest - a legjobb használtruha- és vintage boltok

WeLoveBudapest - The best used and vintage clothing stores

Press Vintage WeLoveBudapest

There are many time portals in Budapest in the form of vintage shops that will transport you back to the fashion trends of past decades. Szputnyik Shop is a fashion concept born from the eclectic combination of the old and the new.

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Press WeLoveBudapest

Turning into a shopaholic might not be a bad thing with money-spending snugs such as Szputnyik. Szputnyik, a stylish design boutique for time travellers and treasure hunters, is crowded with retro clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags, and bric-a-bracs that will certainly urge you to lighten your wallet.

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Press Vintage WeLoveBudapest

Both the atmosphere and the interior design are very moder at Szputnyik shop in Dohány street 20. The clothes hang in a neat order on the racks you almost feel like you're at a cosmopolitan boutique.


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