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TOMS - the full autumn/winter collection

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Toms shoes

Given the popularity of our previous Pop-up event, TOMS shoes return to Szputnyik shop with a brand new fall/winter collection!

Once again buying a new pair of shoes could make you, and someone in need happy at the same time.

Toms 2016 AW

The original and persistent shoes of the American brand that has an extraordinary business policy are available on the shelves of Szputnyik shop; now, let us reintroduce you the TOMS brand, and let us show you why their products are nothing like any other shoes, what's more, we can help you make the life of a child in need better with a simple purchase.

The brand provides controlled and ethical workplaces for the ones living in poverty this way improving their life standards. In addition to that, their One for One policy states that whenever you purchase a pair of original TOMS shoes a child in need is given a pair as well. In most cases these children would never have their own shoes if it wasn't for you.

For One, Another

TOMS was established in 2006, and since then fashion-, and socially conscious people were able to help more than 35 million children. Now, you can become one of them, since Szputnyik Shop brings you the comfortable and practical TOMS shoes.

TOMS creates mainly espadrilles shoes that originate from catalan folklore, however, due to their unique design, practical and comfortable style they have become one of the most popular designs of our era, and can be found in the wardrobe of millions. Their fall/winter collection contains many exciting, new designs that were created in accordance with the challenges of the upcoming unpredictable and chilly weather.

TOMS buying a pair gives a pair

Szputnyik Shop is against mass production, and stands for clothes with meaning and soul, therefore it comes naturally that we join those stores that sell TOMS shoes in Hungary! Now it is time to show that fashion and conscious style is much more than a shallow pastime, since even by purchasing a pair of shoes you can take on social responsibility.


TOMS shoes are available at the stores of Szputnyik shop and soon onlile. Get your favorite for 20% less during Glamour days between 6. and 9. of October 2016!

(The discount coupons can be found in the October issue of Glamour Magazine Hungary.)

Budapest VII., Dohány u. 20.


Budapest VI., Király u. 22. (Káldy u. 1.)

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