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Szputnyik Szafari - A legvagányabb állatminták már az üzletben!

Szputnyik Safari - The coolest animal prints in the store!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals Vintage

The dominant trend this season as well is the animal pattern and the safari style, which is why we have brought you the most ironic garments and accessories from Sputnik to smuggle a drop of wildlife into your everyday life.

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Eheti kedvenc színünk a türkiz!

Color of the Week: Turquoise!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals Vintage

Turquoise is perhaps one of the most exciting colors, as it is both bluish and green at the same time, we all appreciate it differently. This sophisticated blend of blue and green is like the color of the tropical seas, but we can also draw a little inspiration from the color of the gemstone that gives the color its name.

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Balatoni Buborék x Szputnyik shop: irány Tihany!

Balatoni Buborék x Szputnyik shop: Let's go to Tihany!

Fashion News Spring/Summer Vintage

This lovely chain has just opened a brand new store in Tihany, next to Lake Balaton, where they offer treasures that can be connected to the favorite lake of Hungarians.

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Legyél te is a megoldás része! - Plastic Free July

Be the part of the solution! - Plastic Free July

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer Vintage

In recent years, the extent of pollution produced by our society has become an increasingly pressing issue and problem. Plastic-Free July tried to draw attention to this and encourage everyone to leave our harmful habits. 

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A leárazás legjobb darabjai egy helyen!

The best of Sale is here!

Sale News Spring/Summer

Summer can’t pass without dizzying promotions either, so we’ve brought you our off-season promotion where you can get the best of the season at a discounted price. 

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Midseason sale - 20% kedvezmény a teljes kínálatra 4 napon át!

Midseason sale -20% discount on everything for 4 days!

Color your summer and wardrobe with a trendy fishing cap, leotard or overall and enjoy the sunshine! Whether it’s a garden party, a wedding or just planning a little upgrade to the beach, remember we’re waiting for you with new collections, old favorites and super ideas! 

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Szerezd be legújabb tornazsákjaink és kistáskáink egyikét!

A Pocketful of Sunshine!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

The Szputnyik shop has once again put together the most stylish, brand new accessories you may need for a special and self-expressing wardrobe this summer.

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Tribal Summer ~ Nyári kampányunk debütál!

Tribal Summer ~ Here comes our summer editorial!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

In our new summer campaign, we’ve brought you a cavalcade of colors, patterns and moods, fooled by the sparkling sunshine.

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Végkiárusítás - 1 napos last minute akció - 30 % minden termékre

Final sale - 1 day last minute sale - 30% on all products

Sale Szputnyik shop K22 Stores

Visit Szputnyik K22, located at 22. Király utca (Káldy u. 1.), and get your latest new and vintage pieces 30% cheaper as a farewell!

You can only choose from the entire stock of the store for 1 day, on June 29, from 12:00 to 20:00.
Password: Goodbye
Say goodbye to business with us and stay with us for an exciting future! 

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We are the Colors! - Bújj a nyár színeibe!

We are the colors!

Fashion Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

While last summer was completely dominated by crazy neon colors, this season’s focus has been more on nature and ice cream colors. Spin through our selection and eye the best pieces and colors!

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