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Facemask - Matyó I

990 Ft

They are handmade individually by recycling the remaining materials so these masks are also environmentally friendly.

Please note that our masks provide only partial protection!

The use of a mask does not protect against coronavirus, as it does not replace special protective equipment. Its use is recommended, especially for people who may already be ill (any type of upper respiratory tract or other viral / bacterial infection) and do not wish to infect their healthy counterparts.

Useful as a prevention for those who at least want to protect their noses and mouths.

The product does not include a filter insert.

Material: 100% cotton

Reusable, washable, ironable.

Be sure to disinfect the mask before first use.

Recommended washing temperature 60 Celsius.

Centrifugal and tumble dryer.

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Take care!

The Szputnyik Crew


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