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Az ezernyi színben pompázó ősz számtalan lehetőséget tartogat - nálunk pedig ötleteket találsz, hogyan lehetne még tökéletesebb!

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Vintage - sustainability and value sustention

Our professional and dedicated team members personally select them from thousands of pieces in order to save the priceless, high quality items from becoming waste damaging our environment. The chosen items get a second chance and they become prey fro vintage hunters and a new favorite piece for their new fashion adventurer owner.

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Shop the look

Shop the look

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The feeling you get when you know you can do it all, when your clothes do the talking for you, when you feel like your most authentic self, when you do good, when you stand up for what matters to you, when you show up. That’s Szputnyik shop. We’ve been the leading vintage and designer store of Hungary for a decade with two locations in Budapest, and a wide online selection. Explore etchical global brands and the expanding vintage selection, find out how you can support local creators and causes. Find and show your truest self!

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Start with Many Mornings!

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