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4 szuper vintage ruhabolt Budapesten, ahonnan akár online is szerezhetsz be retro cuccokat -

4 szuper vintage ruhabolt Budapesten, ahonnan akár online is szerezhetsz be retro cuccokat -

Fenntartható Divat Press Style Tips Spring/Summer Vintage

Márciusban a oldalán találkozhattatok velünk, ahol a budapesti, webshoppal rendelkező vintage boltokat vették sorra. Köszönjük az ajánlást!

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RTL Klub Reggeli - A főszerepben a csúnyapulcsik

RTL Klub Reggeli- Starring the ugly sweaters

Ugly Sweater Christmas Fall/Winter Press

Our special Christmas ugly meetings, which appeared on Hungarian celebrities in an unusual, but even more fun and entertaining environment, also starred in RTL Klub's Reggeli.

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TV2 - "Megőrülnek a karácsonyi pulcsikért!"

TV2 - "They're going crazy for Christmas sweaters!"

Ugly Sweater Christmas Press tv2

"Ugly hoodie in December? Almost everyone has seen a kitschy Christmas sweater like this that exploded like a comet ten years ago. It's not so bad to wear it that ugly Christmas sweaters already have their own holiday. of these pieces, there are those who have 30 pieces hanging in their closets. But what made them so popular and why only in December. " TV2 sought answers to these questions from us in December 2020, and we were proud to show them our collection of hundreds of pieces, making countless corporate parties and family Christmas memorable year after year.

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RTL Klub - "Karácsonykor minél csillogóbb és csúnyább egy pulcsi, annál jobb"

RTL Klub - "The brighter and uglier a sweater is at Christmas, the better"

Ugly Sweater Christmas Press rtl

"The fashion at the end of the year is funny, ugly, glittery and a lot. We can even put on a fireplace. Really. A giant squirrel, a skiing flamingo or a sweater depicting a gigantic baby penguin can be put under the Christmas tree smoothly. even better." The team of RTL Klub Fókusz and Éjjel-Nappal Budapest visited us to learn about the magic of ugly sweaters in our shop. Countless super pieces were tried and unconscious sets put together by Lali.

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Ivan4sure ~ Cider // Szputnyik shop mentorált

Ivan4sure ~ Cider // Szputnyik shop mentored

Projects Fenntartható Divat Ivan4sure Fall/Winter Press

At the end of October, we were able to work with Attila Prokopp, a young talent that revived Ivan4sure. We would like to congratulate you on the video clip!

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Marie Claire - 2020 November

Marie Claire - 2020 November

Fenntartható Divat Photoshoots MarieClaire Fall/Winter Press Style Tips Vintage

In November, we were featured in Marie Claire’s wonderful editorial with one of our products. Vintage lacquered boots were the perfect choice for the set, which in addition to elegance gives the model a real sleek look. Thank you!

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Fashion Frida Fall/Winter Press Pulóver Style Tips

In October, the team of collected the most ironic and beautiful pieces for lovers of hoodies. Our Frida Kahlo product was also on the list. Thank You!

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WeLoveBudapest - 5 szuper budapesti vintage bolt, ahol újra tudsz személyesen, de online is vásárolni

WeLoveBudapest - 5 awsome shop where you can shop online and personally too!

Press Spring/Summer Vintage

The WeLoveBudapest has written about us and our stores.

We're waiting for you with fully loaded selves and love!

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Events Press Spring/Summer

The Szputnyik shop also pays special attention to the safety of its customers and employees and we take all the reasonable steps in the future the prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Marie Claire - 2020 Január

Marie Claire - 2020 January

MarieClaire Fall/Winter Press Style Tips

Marie Claire starts the new year with us and our super trendy platform Dr. Martens boots!

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