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Back to school akció | -20% mindenre | Készen állsz az új szezonra?

Back to School Sale | -20 discount | Are you ready?

Sale Events News Fall/Winter Vintage

Buy online or in our store between August 23 and 25, for 3 days (Sunday-Monday-Tuesday) and take home our products with a 20% discount! (The offer is for the entire offer.) Don’t miss the opportunity to start your first day of school in a new outfit! 

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Szezonközi leárazás a Szputnyikban!

Mid-Season Sale in Szputnyik!

Sale Shoes Events Paez Shoes Spring/Summer Toms Shoes

As every year, you can’t miss the off-season discount this year when you can get your favorite pieces for the summer at incredible discounts. Be it vintage or new products, world brands, we will not let anyone down!

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Szájmaszk házilag, vagy? - minden megrendelés mellé ajándék 1 db szájmaszk!

Homemade face mask, or? - Free mask to every order!

Sale Fashion Events News Style Tips Spring/Summer

Given the current state of affairs, we have also begun making textile face masks because we want to contribute to the defense against coronavirus. They are handmade individually by recycling the remaining materials so these masks are also environmentally friendly.

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Events Press Spring/Summer

The Szputnyik shop also pays special attention to the safety of its customers and employees and we take all the reasonable steps in the future the prevent the spread of coronavirus.

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Winter Wonder Sale 2020: akár -50% kedvezmény a kincsekre!

Winter Wonder Sale 2020: even 50% discount!

Sale Fashion Events Fall/Winter

The new year stars with the rejuvenation so get your wardrobe a fresh up from Szputnyik shop where you can get 20, 30 or 50% discounts!

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Boldog karácsonyt kíván a Szputnyik csapata!

Szputnyik wishes you merry Christmas!

Events Christmas Fall/Winter

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Így legyél tudatos vásárló a Green Friday alatt is!

Eco Friendly Shopping Tips for Green Friday

Sale Black Friday Fashion Events Christmas Fall/Winter

On Friday the craziness starts with the Black Friday but this year, you should stay environmentally conscious. Here we come with a little teaser what you can get with 20% discount now.

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Tudatosan a Green Friday alatt is!

Be conscious during the Green Friday!

Black Friday Fashion Events Fall/Winter Vintage

During the Green Friday, we'd like to motivate everybody to choose ethical brands and recycled, vintage products for Christmas!

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Ne hagyd ki Back to School AKCIÓNKAT!

Do not miss our Back to School SALE!

Sale Events

Order online between 1. September and 3. September and get your favorite products with 20 % discount!

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Szputnyik termékek a Balaton legmenőbb design shopjában!

Szputnyik products in the most awesome design shop of the Balaton!

Projects Events Spring/Summer

Find the products of Hungarian designers and foreign artists around the theme of water. Along with limited edition clothing, accessories and art, Szputnyik shop's products got their place in the store as well. 

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