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HAAN kézfertőtlenítő - Design és higiénia egyben!

HAAN Hand Sanitizer - Design and Hygiene in one!

Fashion Projects HAAN Fall/Winter New Arrivals

Protection for everyday use. The HAAN brand is derived from the fusion of the English words “hand” and “clean” to bring us a world of boundless touch while maintaining your health and hydrating your hands. It has also won our adoration because, thanks to its formula, it does not stick, it does not dry out, but it nourishes your hands after each use. Available in five different scents that you can use at any time of the day.

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Új világmárka: Birkenstock papucsok a Szputnyikban!

New global brand: Birkenstock in Szputnyik!

Birkenstock Fashion Projects Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

Beside many global brands, the newest one is the famous German Birkenstock to make our spring-summer season quite exciting.

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Ők a Szputnyik kedvenc hazai tervezői!

The favorite local designers of Szputnyik!

Fashion Projects Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

The best choice to impact our environment is to choose the local brands and support their art and ideas. Here are the favorites of Szputnyik shop.

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Ilyen volt veletek 2019!

This was 2019 with you!

Fashion Projects Fall/Winter Vintage

We have just finished a very active year that you, our loved costumers made incredible. We have collected the best moments of 2019.

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Smörgas x Szputnyik közös kollekció!

Smörgas x Szputnyik collaboration!

Projects Fall/Winter Smörgas Style Tips New Arrivals Vintage

Support the recycled fashion and the local artist, visit D20 shop or our webshop for more Smörgas product!

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A díjnyertes Budapest Giftbook már kapható a Szputnyik shopban is!

The Budapest Giftbook now available in Szputnyik shop!

Projects Spring/Summer New Arrivals

The Book is available in our stores!

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Szputnyik termékek a Balaton legmenőbb design shopjában!

Szputnyik products in the most awesome design shop of the Balaton!

Projects Events Spring/Summer

Find the products of Hungarian designers and foreign artists around the theme of water. Along with limited edition clothing, accessories and art, Szputnyik shop's products got their place in the store as well. 

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Vintage Wedding - Meglátogatott minket az EgyKisFlanc csapata

Vintage Wedding- the team of EgyKisFlanc has visited us

Fashion Projects Events Style Tips Spring/Summer Vintage

In everyone's life the wedding is a very important event when all the people are trying to give their best. There are concrete plans about the clothes, the decoration and the vibes.

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Valentin napi ajánlónk: Az ellentétek vonzzák egymást!

Valentine's Day Guide: The opposites attract each other!

Fashion Projects Fall/Winter Style Tips Valentin nap

Everybody know that the oppostites attract each other. The perfect exmaple is the well-known trend in the fashion: the mix-and-match when the imcompatible patterns are matched with each other to create something ground-breaking.

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Így viseld a Native bakancsod!

How to wear your Native shoes?

Fashion Projects Native Shoes Fall/Winter Style Tips

We introduced you our Native shoes collection a few weeks ago that are the real must-haves for the winter. Now we prepared to you with more outfits to show you how to wear these boots stylish enough.

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