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Get to know Szputnyik's world!

Get to know Szputnyik's world and, get to know your new companion!

When choosing our name, we were inspired by Haruki Murakami’s book Sputnik Sweetheart – a mystical story about the power of love – where the protagonist calls his love Sputnik, accompanying him on his travels. We like to think of our clothes as a dear travel companion as well, accompanying our customers on their mystical journeys.

Ever since our first store opened in 2009, we have witnessed countless such encounters. We met many grateful travellers who revisit our stores from time-to-time and we never let them down! We’re constantly working on our inventory so that we can offer the most unique and special items. By now every fashion adventurer knows: Szputnyik is a reliable and constant destination when it comes to shopping in Budapest!

...our mission!

Szputnyik shop’s aim is to offer unique, quality vintage clothes and accessories, Reworked, altered vintage items, popular global brands and special, limited edition designer clothes in order to help every Szputnyik shopper find the items that representi their true selves and have a self-expressing, authentic personal style.

We also aim to help raise awarness for environmentally conscious consumption and sustainable fashion. We want to challenge our customers and the industry and show them an alternative for harmful and homogenizing mass products. We were the first in Hungary to introduce the brand new vision of merging the old and the new, the romantic vintage and the provocative modern styles in order to create a never-before-seen look. Fashion from the past, style from the future. with values.

You can find the items that match and reflect you the most. The items in our stores are selected based on whether or not they represent our values and message. We would lik everyone who visits us to be able to express themselves through our items while consciously protecting the environment without having to pay too much.

...the joy of doing the right thing!

Our environment constantly suffers from our obsessive consumption and from the way fashion companies operate. Shop at Szputnyik shop to fight these tendencies by shopping for small scale designer items and vintage pieces in the name of environmental cosnsciousness. Not only will your wardrobe be more unique and lasting, but our planet will be grateful as well.

...professional assistance!

Our stores differ from eachother for a reason. Both of our Budapest locations have their own personalities. We would like to turn shopping into a real experience for those who visit us. We want you to know and feel that this is not an ordinary place every second you spend with us! Visit us and check out the items from the past that surround our unique and affordabe clothes and accessories inside the stores.

...treasures from the past!

There is nothing like the thrill of the hunt when it comes to vintage shopping. Why? Your style is an important tool of self-expression and communication, and people who wear vintage clothing have something to tell you. Wearing vintage is a fashion statement. Every vintage piece is like a part of history because they all have an individual story behind them. As they say, what’s old is new again. Why settle for a newer imitation when you can grab the real deal?

...unique contemporary design!

We truly believe that combining vintage clothing with modern pieces in order to create a really eclectic but elegant and fun style offers a great chance of expressing one’s self. We choose elements of our actual collections by contacting designers personally, all of them are limited numbered clothes and accessories manufactured by the terms of uniquity. It is our criteria for them to be fresh, characteristic creations, matching the latest trends where designs should be merry and infantile, they should carry a message and help self-expression. Here the chance is given to cross the boarders of different styles freely, so you can find the pieces that reflect your personality the most.

Get to know Szputnyik's World and find out that different is beautiful!

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