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Augusztus 20-ai nyitvatartásunk

Opening hours: 21 August

News Spring/Summer

On 20 August our shops are closed but do not worry because the Szputnyik webshops works perfectly!

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Idén is megtaláltok minket a soproni Kultúrpresszóban a VOLT alatt!

You can find us again in Kultúrpresszó during VOLT festival!

News Spring/Summer Volt fesztivál

It's not only the best Hungarian and foreign music that makes VOLT Festival worth a visit between June 26. and 29. at Sopron!

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Winter Sale- Szerezd be a téli kedvenceidet FÉLÁRON!

Winter Sale- Get your winter favourites on HALF PRICE!

Sale News Fall/Winter Vintage

You cannot skip the refresh of your wardrobe this year so don't forget to use our discounts! Global brands, unique accessories and vintage treasures are on the menu with 50% discount!

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Nagy karácsonyi csúnyapulcsi AKCIÓ!

The big Christmas ugly sweater SALE!

Sale Ugly Sweater News Christmas Fall/Winter Vintage

You should not end to the Christmas vibes so keep this amazing mood as long as you can with our super Christmas ugly sweaters that are on sale now!

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Az Ünnepi készülődés hajrájában is számíthatsz ránk!

You can count on us in the last few days until Christmas!

News Christmas Fall/Winter

The whole city shines in lights and our hearts are also full with the spirit of Christmas. The most intimate day of the year is coming unstoppably but the nervousness because of the gift can ruin everything.

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Megmutatjuk, hogyan szúrd ki a hamis Levi's-t!

This is how you can recognize the faux Levi's products!

Fashion News Levi's Fall/Winter Vintage

In the last few years, the falsification of the global brands' products is highly rised, given opportunity to take bad quality items to the stores on the same names. This is how you can recognize the false one!

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Már menhelyi kutyusokat is támogathatsz, ha a Szputnyikban vásárolsz!

Support shelter dogs while visiting Szputnyik shop!

Projects News

In Szputnyik we are totally addicted to animals and some of us already have a four-feet family member so our decision to support a shelter was not that surprising.

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Keress minket a legújabb Wizz Magazinban!

Find us in the latest issue of Wizz Magazine

Projects News Press

Wizz Air airline's on-board magazine aims to guide travelers in the big cities of the world. In their Best of Hungary section they recommend the best restaurants, stores and events in our beautiful country. For the second year in a row, we made the list.

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Bővül a Paez-család: 19 új típus a Szputnyikban!

New Paez family members have arrived!

News Spring/Summer New Arrivals

Thanks to the big attention we ordered some of the new shoes of the spring/ summer collection. Now with these new 19 types, we offer you about 34 stlye from the special alpargata shoes in our stores and online!

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Szputnyik x Amazonas: óvd a Földet újrahasznosított anyagú lábbelikben!

Szputnyik x Amazonas: protect the Earth in recycled footwears!

News Spring/Summer New Arrivals

Our newest partner this year is going to be the Amazonas company what believes in very similar ideology like we do. The most important innovation by Amazonas that they invented an ECO collection to make fashion sustainable.

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