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Viseld a szabadságot!

Wear the Freedom!

Shoes Fashion Vans Vintage

Read on if you are interested in how they've started and become this popular, or if you just want to know what you're wearing day by day, and what these shoes stand for.

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De mégis ki az a Chuck Taylor?

Who exactly is Chuck Taylor?

Shoes Converse Fashion Vintage

How did the iconic brands begin their journey into popularity, and how did they achieve to become a concept for even the fashion unconscious? We have dug up everything there is to know about snekaers.

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PAEZ - Új minták!

PAEZ - New arrivals!

Shoes Fashion News Paez Shoes

We have already introduced Paez shoes made for adventurers. Since they proved extremely popular we have ordered some new designs, which you can check out now, these are also available in all our Budapest stores!

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Szputnyik shop x Paez Pop-up store - A teljes kollekció

Szputnyik shop x Paez Pop-up store - The full collection

Shoes Fashion News Paez Shoes

With the warm weather the time has come to prepare your feet for a more active lifestyle during the upcoming season. We have already introduced Paez shoes made for adventurers, that can be found in Szputnyik shop as a Pop-up store. Now we will show you the full collection.

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Cipők kalandoroknak! - Paez Pop Up a Szputnyik shopban

Shoes for adventurers! - Paez Pop Up at Szputnyik shop

Shoes Projects Events Paez Shoes

We will show you a brand that will cheer up the days that are getting longer, moreover, you can also buy their products this spring in a Pop-up store at Szputnyik shop.

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Pillekönnyű Native cipők - innováció és design a Szputnyikban

Lightweight Native shoes – innovation and design at Szputnyik shop

Shoes Fashion Events Native Shoes

The shoes are made through a special processusing the newest technology!  We support timeless, innovative and extraordinary design, so Native shoes are available in Szputnyik D20 and in our online store as well!

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Vesd bele magad a TOMS cipők világába!

Join the world of TOMS shoes!

Shoes Fashion News Toms Shoes

Lately, we've introduced you TOMS, the brand that wishes to make a change through unique footwear, and the brand that has a month-long Pop-up Store in Szputnyik K22. The time has come for us to show you what is it exactly that this Pop-up store has to offer.

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TOMS Pop-up a Szputnyik K22-ben!

TOMS Pop-up in Szputnyik K22

Shoes Projects Events News Toms Shoes

What if buying a new pair of shoes would make you, and someone in need happy at the same time? With the One for One policy of TOMS, whenever you purchase a pair of original TOMS shoes a child in need is given a pair as well.

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