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Új Herschel-kollekció: időtlen kedvencek

New Herschel-collection: timeless favorites

Fashion Herschel Style Tips Spring/Summer New Arrivals

Since we believe in brands that stand for quality and have a heritage, Herschel was added to the list of world-famous popular brands that are available at Szputnyik shop. Here is a selection of the limited pieces you can find at our stores.

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Őszi zivatarok? Akciós Herschel kabátjainkkal nem lőhetsz mellé!

Autumn thunderstorms? You cannot make a mistake with our Herschel coats on sale!

Sale Fashion Herschel Fall/Winter

We are celebrating the values of Herschel, also greeting the autumn's color cavalcade with some unmissable discount that available for the best Herschel coats!

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Herschel tavaszi kabátok a Szputnyikban!

Herschel spring jackets at Szputnyik shop!

Fashion Projects Herschel Spring/Summer

Spring is here, and so is unpredictable weather. It has it's beauty and with a brand new Herschel wind coat or rain jacket you'll get though it stylishly and most of all, dry. Get to know our inventory of Herschel items and get your favorite at Szputnyik shop D20 or our online.

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Tavaszi Herschel válogatás a Szputnyikban 20-30-50% kedvezménnyel!

Exclusive Spring Herschel selection at Szputnyik shop on SALE, 20-30-50 % off!

Projects Herschel News Spring/Summer

Duffle bags, laptop cases, beauty cases, pouches and hats await you for 20, 30 or even 50% less during our exclusive Herschel sale! Spring and summer colors and designs on the most practical and stylish accessories.

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